Here is a selection of some of the publicly available reports and documents, that I have authored, or been involved with:

Journal Article (2013)

Schembri, A., Fenlon, J., Rentelis, R., Reynolds, S. & Cormier, K. (2013)
Building the British Sign Language Corpus. Language Documentation and Conservation.

Deaf and hard-of-hearing people's access to primary health care services in North East Essex (2009)

Consultative report written in partnership with Dr Helen Earis on behalf of the North East Essex Primary Care Trust working in partnership with the Royal Association for Deaf People.  This investigated deaf and hard of hearing people’s access to Primary Care Services in North Essex (2009).

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Deaf People's Understanding of Health and Health Care Systems (2007)

MPhil Thesis, Bristol University (2007).

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Deaf People's Health Experiences in Scotland (1997)